The member who goes to the hall to make his / her activity stops by the reception and gets his wristband defined to him by paying the raider.


The member gets his / her wristband and enters the tourniquet by reading the wristband.


The member who goes to the event locker room identifies the closet wristband by reading a closet wristband. Then the wrist strap lock the lock again.


Once the member has made all the shopping he / she needs, he / she can easily pay the wristband by reading the raider. Moreover, this shopping made with wristband makes the fall from stock process in the background.


Member can learn his / her cabinet number by reading his / her wristband on to the raider on the wall if he / she forgets his / her cabinet after completing his / her activity with the weight free wristband.


The raider on the wall will show the cabinet number of the identified wristband to the member on the screen.


The finished member comes to Reception and returns his wristband. The authorized person who reads the bracelet will see the expenses and all other details and perform the necessary operations.